Natural Beauty

Following places are the famous places where many visitors pay their attention.

  • Nachchimale Bathing Port - Ingiriya
  • Madakada Aranya Senasanaya - Ingiriya
  • Parei Thota Bathing Port - Nambapana
  • Bodhinagala Aranya Senasanaya and Bird Sanctuary- Eduragala
  • Hora Forest Reservation - Kirigala


Nachchimale is the most famous area of Ingiriya. You can reach here by traveling about 1 mile towards padukka from Ingiriya town. You must turn left to the Keenagahawila road from Maha Ingiriya Junction. After travelling about 1 and half miles towards that road, you will reach there after passing the Madakada Aranya Senasana Road. The Nachchimale port is a part of the Nambapana lake. Beautiful waterfalls, stone holes filled with clear water are a common scene. Thousands of foreigners and local visitors come to visit Nachchimale to bathe and have fun. Though we must be happy of the visitors coming here, there is a sad side also. This area contains the most environmental pollution of Ingiriya. As the visitor number increases, the harm done to the natural environment is also been increasing day by day. Its a common scene that there are lots of bottles and polythene been thrown here and there. This has been a major problem to the environment and the residents. Time to time many organizations including Ingiriya Police Station do shramadana programs to clean this area.

Parei Thota

Pareithota is a very famous area in Ingiriya. When traveling towards Rathnapura road from Ingiriya town about 1 mile, you have to turn left to the Nambapana School Road. After traveling about half a mile passing the school you can reach this place. This place is very rich in natural beauty and it is a huge port in the Nambapana stream, which is a part of the Kalu River. As the surrounding environment is very beautiful, the number of visitors coming to bathe in this place is very high. The small ports and waterfalls in the small stream situated near Parethota area adds a nice beauty to this place. The Environmental Pollution done to this wonderful environment by the thousands of visitors who visit Parethota area to bathe and have fun is not small. They put polythene and bottles everywhere which has become a dangerous threat to the natural environment. Because of this reason the residents and the visitors face many difficulties. So, if you visit there, please leave only the footprints.

Madakada Aranya Senasanaya

You can reach here by traveling about 1 mile towards Padukka from Ingiriya town. You must turn left to the Keenagahawila road from Maha Ingiriya Junction. After travelling about 1 and half miles towards that road, you will reach there. The history of this Monastery goes back to 1940 and there were over 100 meditative monks living here at that time. The new Monastery was built by Rev. Ranwala Saddhatissa thero in 1948. At the ancient time this area was a forest area with caves and then after arrival of the Saddahtissa thero for his meditations, this area became a forest monastery. Madakada Aranya is one of the premier Vipassana meditation centers in the country. It also has branches in places such as Navinna, Salgala and few other places in the country. Contribution of this center for religious well being of Sri Lankans as well as for foreigners are invaluable. Presently there are about 16 resident bhanthes and 7 resident laymen practicing meditation at any given time. As it is our Buddhist way of life they have been well looked after by devotees in their day to day needs. The main cave has many Buddha Statues, paintings and is decorated with flowers. There are about 12-15 meditation caves here. In this Aranya Senasana there are about 15-20 meditative monks residing. This place is situated in a Natural Forest Reservation and a stream called Nachchimale is flowing through one boundary of the monastery adding additional scenic beauty to the area. The visitors who come to bathe here do not forget to visit the monastery. The surrounding of this place is very calm and there are many local inheritable plants, herbal plants, birds, rare butterfly species, wild animals in this beautiful environment.

Bodhinagala Aranya Senasanaya and Bird Sanctuary

Bodhinagala Aranya Senasanaya can be reached by traveling about 3 miles from Ingiriya town and have to turn left from bodhinagalaa road. After traveling about one and half miles you will reach this place. The Dombagaskanda Forest Reservation where this place is situated was named in 1955. This beautiful place is on a claim and natural environment. In South East of this beautiful forest area, flows the Kalu River and that slope area is rich in herbal plants and southern wet zone plants inheritable to this area. There are about 20-25 monks meditating in the caves situated here and there in this Aranya Senasana. The meditative monks come out from the caves only when they eat and then they go back to the caves in the forest. This area is very calm and high in security. Many foreigners and local visitors come to visit this Aranya Senasana.

Bodhinagala Bird Sanctuary is a secondary lowland rain forest patch in the area of Ingiriya. The entrance to this precious place can be reached by traveling about 3 miles from Ingiriya town and by turning left to Bodhinagala road from Bodhinagala Junction. After traveling couple of miles you have to turn left and you will reach this forest reservation after traveling towards that road. One of the famous 'Aranya Senasanaya' in the area is here. To find this place is not a difficult task and the direction sign boards are also have being established along the road. The forest reserve consists of two mountains which are surrounded by the villages. Inside the forest there are concreted routes created in favor of the Buddhists monks lived here for the meditations. It seems that the forest is being disturbed by the people who visits the place, even though there are separated visiting hours for them.

Hora Forest Reservation

Situated at Kirigala area. When traveling towards Handapangoda from Ingiriya town about 6miles you can reach this environmental sensitive area. It is said that this Hora Reservation owns the largest number of Hora trees in South Asia. It is a very beautiful place. Apart from that, it has many rare plants also in this reservation.


Ingiriya (ඉංගිරිය) (இங்கிரிய) is a town in Kalutara District of Western Province. It is situated near the border of Western Province and Sabaragamuwa Province and it is a junction which connects Rathnapura-Panadura Road,Ingiriya-Padukka Road and Ingiriya-Bulathsinhala Roads.

Nachchimale, Parei Thota, Madakada Aranya Senasanaya, Bodhinagala Aranya Senasanaya are some of the most famous places in Ingiriya.

Ingiriya Divisional Secretariat office, Ingiriya Police Station, Ingiriya Hospital, Ingiriya M.O.H, Ingiriya Post Office, Ingiriya Banks, Ingiriya Schools are the Strength of Ingiriya.

Ingiriya Postal Code is 12440. Ingiriya Telephone Code is 03422. Ingiriya Hotels are Famous Among Visitors. Ingiriya Map can be Viewed with Google Maps.