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Ingiriya.info is a web site which was born to publish all the information about Ingiriya city to the whole world. The Main aim is to take all the people live in Ingiriya and outside, to under an one Roof. The various Sections of the Website make anyone very familiar to Ingiriya City, The Website is Fully Non Profitable. This is an Website Made only by the admin to make Ingiriya famous. All The Photos and Videos are Copyrighted to the Admin of Ingiriya.info

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Publish any News Regarding Ingiriya Area. Without any cost you can publish your event, or any info in this website to make it know to the whole world. You can upload Photos to the Photo Section from your own. Make your info readable and viewable to anyone through this Site. If the admin is informed earlier. He will also attend to any event in Ingiriya to Cover it. You maybe having rare photos of Ingiriya, upload them to the Site. Or mail them. It Will be a Great service to Everyone.

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  • Publishing All the Articles of Ingiriya Online.
  • Editing Ingiriya Divisional Secretariat Website.

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  • Ingiriya Divisional Secretary Office.
  • Ingiriya Police Station.
  • Ingiriya M.O.H.
  • All the Reporters.
  • Horana Pradeshiya Sabha.

Ingiriya (ඉංගිරිය) (இங்கிரிய) is a town in Kalutara District of Western Province. It is situated near the border of Western Province and Sabaragamuwa Province and it is a junction which connects Rathnapura-Panadura Road,Ingiriya-Padukka Road and Ingiriya-Bulathsinhala Roads.

Nachchimale, Parei Thota, Madakada Aranya Senasanaya, Bodhinagala Aranya Senasanaya are some of the most famous places in Ingiriya.

Ingiriya Divisional Secretariat office, Ingiriya Police Station, Ingiriya Hospital, Ingiriya M.O.H, Ingiriya Post Office, Ingiriya Banks, Ingiriya Schools are the Strength of Ingiriya.

Ingiriya Postal Code is 12440. Ingiriya Telephone Code is 03422. Ingiriya Hotels are Famous Among Visitors. Ingiriya Map can be Viewed with Google Maps.